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You know I love video games I mean who dosent? Being the hero feels good man, Ability to crush the world check, installing mods check. Every Thursday sand crew will be taking you back to the good guy game developers back when THQ, Rare, Capcom ETC. So welcome Sandsters to nostalgia Thursday.


SandCrew review on Factorio

You start off a simple man and slowly expand into building large walls (Trump would be proud) and polluting worlds

Factorio seems like a simple game when you first start off you start off alone or with a couple of friends with a couple pickaxes a furnace and a mining object (forgot the name) you  and your friends soon build more and more  and after a few hours have passed you realize that your humble beginnings with one furnace and one mining thing have turned into a mass producing automated factory.

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SandCrew step guide to enjoying your time in MMOS and online games

We’ve all been there playing PUBG, Fortnite, maybe Crossout and you know your down to the last squads  or maybe the last enemy, your hit, and your chicken dinner is gone…. You end up raging then uninstalling believe me we’ve all been in that position. For some reason online games can be one of the most stressful times of the day (first world problems). In this post I’ll be teaching you how to sit back, relax, and take a chill pill when playing online games.

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Did sandcrew abandon Fractured space, or we are just taking a break from it?

Sandcrew have been playing Fractured space early 2016 way before the game  went free to play, at that time Fractured space was a true piece of art. the scale of size in the gameplay, teamwork, coordination and fun was a very unique experience very few games offered, fractured space being one of them.

when the game went free to play, this is where things started taking an ugly turn, Fractured space original vision of controlling and navigating a massively majestic battleships in a massive online battle started to shrink little by little, controls started to become faster, turn rate started to feeling like your flying a fighter, ship speeds made those massive ships feel like space speedboats, the feeling of scale, size and the enormousness vibe started to become more diluted over the months.

the developers started adding more and more ships, neglecting many aspects the core game play mechanisms.

after the initial surge of new players inthe free to play event, the player base went back to where it was before or even worst, why? many old players felt left behind and betrayed by making the game free to play on such an early stage of development.

adding insult to injury, now everyone can download the game, meaning people simply played it for 30min tested it and stopped playing it, it wasn’t fair for Fractured space, or the players, people were testing a very early game, and aren’t likely to come back and play it again when development is complete.

so why did sandcrew stopped playing Fractured space?

when Sandcrew started playing fractured space, the player base was very engaging, there was at least 4 other clans we use to play against, POEX, OTEC, KFC and many others, it was fun, we even got to talk on teamspeak and discord with some of them. but as the playerbase halted many of those clans simply disbanded or moved on to other games. this is one of the reasons why Sandcrew isn’t specific to a certain game, platform or media, we prefer to go by the slogan of gaming community after PC gaming since Sandcrew is made by the members in it not by the games we play. anyway I digress.

it got the point where we would play against the same people over and over again. only with new ships and faster gameplay style. it stopped feeling like a galactic battleship faceoff and turned into a fast pace 3rd person shooter in space.

is sandcrew ever going to play Fractured space again?

of course! we love fractured space. granted it that we have a larger player base to play with and the developers bring back the old amazing FS we are used to play before it went free to play.


sandcrew complex in 7 days to die

every pic is submitted by a sandcrew member crib so please swipe before u like and comment, sandcrew have barickaded a piece of land against the wasteland zombies where each member get to build his own house in and on the 7th day in we all join forces to defend again the hoard that is attacking SNC complex. you are all welcome to join us in 7 days to die server number and teamspeak address will be be added in the description soon 😃. _____________________________ #gaming #gamingclan #pcgaming #7dtd #gamersunite #screenshot #cool #onlinegaming #onlinegamers #thatmoment #amazing #gamingallday #groundwork #dude #gamingcommunity #gamingphotography #bluesky #lovegaming #gamingcomputer #allgamers #gameon #sandcrew #sandcrewclan #7dtdscreenshots #joinus #nops #awesomearchitech

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this is where we spend most our time in 7 days to die