SandCrew review on Factorio

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You start off a simple man and slowly expand into building large walls (Trump would be proud) and polluting worlds

Factorio seems like a simple game when you first start off you start off alone or with a couple of friends with a couple pickaxes a furnace and a mining object (forgot the name) you  and your friends soon build more and more  and after a few hours have passed you realize that your humble beginnings with one furnace and one mining thing have turned into a mass producing automated factory.

I really cant put into words what Factorio is, honestly Factorio is just one of those games that you pick up and don’t stop playing until you realize its 5 am, and don’t get me started about oil production. Factorio will always have you begging for  one more line. starting out with some ore, coal etc it turns into hundreds of machines, conveyor belts of iron and when you start to get into the game and you start to build turrets all you manufacture is  magazines, magazines, magazines.

However this game is in early access and yet it does not feel  like it the UI is a bit sloppy though, aside from that no bugs were encountered while playing it and sandcrew spent a lot of time in it. The game does how ever have a learning curve although it is very enjoyable with friends.

Factorio should genuinely have its own title of game you cant really say its a RTS or a Management game (everything becomes automated after a while) or weather its survival however what I can tell you Factorio is a game that is highly repayable, enjoyable and who doesn’t love polluting other alien worlds, burning down forests for expansions of factories, and tearing apart some aliens with hundreds of self automated turrets?


“Started with a furnace now we here” -Prattow

The game has a lot of cool futures and the best thing is seeing after all of the crazy heckteckness that’s been happening all around you, you finally have a huge kick ass factory. It’s absolutely beautiful and you and your friends just stare in amazement . Thats why I really love Factorio it starts up with one small set up, then after that a small mess which becomes larger and larger until your factory stops working, then you spend another 5 hours  removing conveyerbelts, and arms that aren’t powered. However there are many rage moments especially when everything doesn’t work  after because someone moved one of the conveyer belts. (“Sorry Prattow I didnt know  touching it would turn everything off”).

God dam SandCrew with there oil

Factorio is great game with high replayability and excellent fun with all the guys that is why factorio gets 4/5 haboobs