Nostalgic Sands: Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare

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Call of duty was probably one of my favorite game series during the early 2000s till 2011 (RIP COD). The action was always ripe and it was truly never a game that you could forget today I went back to 2007 to play COD Modern Warfare 4 to see if it was still a great game, newsflash it freaking is and will always remain great.

Alternating between The United States marine SGT.Paul Jackson (not generic what so ever) and SAS  Soap Mactavish the campaign takes you to the middle east in a unknown country, Ukraine, Russia, ETC. The game begins on a training course for SAS and slowly the campaign begins from there.  As the plot thickens the story entwines with our 2 main characters.

The single player Campaign is probably one of my favorites action packed thrillers in the Call of Duty world Action packed is a minuscule word to use for the  amount of film movie moments like holy shit…. you are immersed into the game and it actually feels like you are the main characters Soap and John while everyone is shooting, you feel every soldiers death  and it hurts when one of them attempt to save you then die in front of you because from on coming fire  while you were cowering behind cover trying to recover health. I’m 100% sure that every single person who has played COD has tried to save at least one solider by restarting.

RIP Private, you will be missed
Pew ,pew, pew!

Call of duty MW4 although made in 2007 it does not lack in graphical settings and its very light so any computer can run it. I recommend everyone check it out even if you have a potato PC. So its worth checking out  or going back to if you already have the game in your Library.

Ride of the Valkyries plays in the background

The game has some frustrating moments I’m sure most will understand, when I say, when you see a grenade don’t try and pick it up just run in the opposite direction. I cant tell you how many times I’ve died from trying to pick up grenades or taking cover behind cars and them blowing up after seconds of fire. But that’s what makes MW4 unique it has  a smooth mix between Arcade and Realism.


Be sure Sandsters to come back next Thursday for a new game which is gonna really take you back specifically those who love strategy *wink wink*.