Nostaligic sands

You know I love video games I mean who dosent? Being the hero feels good man, Ability to crush the world check, installing mods check. Every Thursday sand crew will be taking you back to the good guy game developers back when THQ, Rare, Capcom ETC. So welcome Sandsters to nostalgia Thursday.


SandCrew review on Factorio

You start off a simple man and slowly expand into building large walls (Trump would be proud) and polluting worlds

Factorio seems like a simple game when you first start off you start off alone or with a couple of friends with a couple pickaxes a furnace and a mining object (forgot the name) you  and your friends soon build more and more  and after a few hours have passed you realize that your humble beginnings with one furnace and one mining thing have turned into a mass producing automated factory.

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sandcrew complex in 7 days to die

every pic is submitted by a sandcrew member crib so please swipe before u like and comment, sandcrew have barickaded a piece of land against the wasteland zombies where each member get to build his own house in and on the 7th day in we all join forces to defend again the hoard that is attacking SNC complex. you are all welcome to join us in 7 days to die server number and teamspeak address will be be added in the description soon 😃. _____________________________ #gaming #gamingclan #pcgaming #7dtd #gamersunite #screenshot #cool #onlinegaming #onlinegamers #thatmoment #amazing #gamingallday #groundwork #dude #gamingcommunity #gamingphotography #bluesky #lovegaming #gamingcomputer #allgamers #gameon #sandcrew #sandcrewclan #7dtdscreenshots #joinus #nops #awesomearchitech

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this is where we spend most our time in 7 days to die